Jimmy Kimmel Compares Trump And Cruz and The Results Are HILARIOUS (VIDEO)

While many Republicans are lining up behind Ted Cruz because they say that Trump’s policies are too extreme, here’s some news for them: These two clowns are one in the same. The only difference is Ted Cruz seems to be a bit more slick and polite about his racism than the bombastic Trump. Jimmy Kimmel proved that on his show Jimmy Kimmel Live with an ‘ad’ he says was created by Mitt Romney which urges Republicans to vote for Ted Cruz. Kimmel said:

“The Republican establishment seems to be doing all it can do behind the scenes to topple Donald Trump and in front of the scenes too. Mitt Romney, in particular, has his magic underwear in a bunch when it comes to Donald Trump. He’s asking voters to stop what he calls Trumpism and support Ted Cruz. In fact Mitt released this powerful ad that really tells the differences between Trump and Cruz in a very easy to follow way.”

The ‘ad’ then goes on to show the striking similarities between the two candidates. Whether it’s building a wall or deporting 11 million immigrants, the candidates are one in the same. The candidates also agree on no gun control, ending abortion, repealing Obamacare, and oppressing American Muslims.

So, why the uproar about Trump? Trump is simply more vocal and bombastic about his plans for America than the creepy Ted Cruz, who comes off more professional but is just as dangerous.

Watch the video here:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGnwlPAZjpM]


Featured image via video screenshot.