Former Trump Aide Fired For Somehow Being Too Racist Endorses Cruz

Let nobody tell you racists don’t have options this election. If you’re a racist who is turned off by Trump – or perhaps, fired from his campaign – you can always jump onto the Cruz train and fit right in.

That’s what former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg discovered when he was abruptly fired from Trump’s campaign for the impressive feat of being too racist for Trump. He didn’t have to stay out in the cold for very long, now he’s shilling for Cruz.

In an exclusive with POLITICO, Nunberg completed his 180 degree spin on Trump and now says Cruz is the only choice for president.

“Cruz is a Reagan Conservative. Donald Trump does not have a coherent political ideology — if anything, I would describe him as a Chris Christie Republican. … When did I decide that I could no longer support Trump? Last fall, when he did not have any idea of what the nuclear triad is in a debate.”

Actually, he didn’t “decide” when he should stop supporting Trump – he was fired by Trump for a series of vile Facebook posts targeting President Obama, African Americans, and liberals with racist, violent rhetoric. In 2007, he called Civil Rights Leader Al Sharpton’s daughter the N-word.


He frequently referred to Obama as a “Socialist Marxist Islamo Fascist Nazi Appeaser” or a “Pan Arabist Marxist Muslim.” He is also – of course – a rabid birther. His comments were so noxious, that Trump was forced to part ways with him.

And now he’s Team Cruz and he has a completely different versions of events. Hilariously, he told POLITICO that it was Trump’s failure to denounce (fellow) white supremacist David Duke as part of what led him to have a falling out with Trump. Apparently Nunberg believes in firing him, Trump got rid of the wrong racist in his campaign.

Nunberg’s effortless shift to Cruz only reinforces what many critics have been saying all along: The “vote Cruz to stop Trump” movement within the Republican Party, endorsed by “moderates” like Mitt Romney, isn’t picking the “lesser” of two evils. Both candidates are shockingly bad options, and vile in their own ways. Voting for either means resigning the Republican Party to its worst elements: Racism, xenophobia, religious fanaticism and war-mongering. The choice isn’t between Trump and Cruz, it’s between either and decency.

Republicans should work on building a party that Nunberg feels uncomfortable in. He shouldn’t have options to choose from, he should be left out completely.

Featured image via Talking Points Memo