Watch Elizabeth Warren Get PISSED And Destroy A GOP Stooge Who Won’t Answer Her Question (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren is a strong advocate for justice on behalf of regular Americans, particularly when it comes to financial issues. She often speaks passionately about ideas she feels very strongly about, but she rarely gets visibly pissed off. However, one particular Republican stooge managed to accomplish that feat, as you will see in the video below.

Senator Warren was speaking during a hearing that was intended to discuss covering the “costs” to banks if they were regulated, in an effort to prevent them from completely imploding the American economy again. Republicans produced a “star witness,” Leonard Chanin, who is one of the people most responsible for the 2008 financial crisis, to testify that banks should not have regulations places on them. As you may have already figured out, that was a bad idea. Senator Warren pointed out how his personal inaction, as well as that of the rest of the Federal Reserve, basically guaranteed a financial crisis.

Mr. Chanin, as Sen. Brown mentioned from 2005 to 2011 you held top positions in the Federal Reserve’s division of consumer and community affairs, and in those positions you had both the legal authority and the legal responsibility to regulate deceptive mortgages, including dangerous subprime lending that sparked the 2008 financial crisis. But you didn’t do it, despite years of calls and even begging from consumer advocates and others asking you to act. Instead, you did essentially nothing.

According to the Dallas Fed, that crisis cost the American economy an estimated $14 trillion. It cost millions of families their homes, their jobs, their savings. It devastated communities across America.

Republicans simply do not give a sh*t about how much it costs regular Americans to allow banks to literally rob the entire middle class of everything they own. This was a point that was slammed directly in the face of Chanin.

So when you talk now about how certain regulations are too costly or too difficult to comply with, you sound a lot like you did before the 2008 crisis when you failed to act. So my question is, given your track record at the Fed, why should anyone take you seriously now.

As if the severe embarrassment that she just laid on him personally was not enough, Chanin went on to try to lie to Senator Warren’s face, followed by refusing to answer even the most basic questions from her afterwards. That’s when it all went wrong for the Republicans’ star witness. If the guy keeps his job after this embarrassment it’ll be shocking.

Watch what happens when you lie to Elizabeth Warren below:

Featured image via video screen capture