Youth Pastor Rapes Teen Girl And Church Demands She Apologize To Her Rapist’s Wife

This church in Ohio apparently doesn’t understand who the victim is here.

Columbia Road Baptist Church in North Olmsted actually banned a teenage girl and her family from attending services until she apologizes to the wife of the man who sexually abused her.

Youth pastor Brian Mitchell had a wife and three kids, but that didn’t stop him from targeting a 16-year-old girl who was simply seeking spiritual guidance at the church.

Mitchell began by texting the girl constantly and complained about his wife. The text messages stopped temporarily after church leaders found out about the texts. But since church officials neglected to report Mitchell to the police he pretty much figured he could do whatever he wanted so he moved on to forcibly kissing the underage girl. Then he began sexually abusing her while driving her home.

The sexual abuse would continue for the next month and the girl became depressed.

Finally, Mitchell was arrested and sentenced to serve ten years in prison after Judge Patrick Corrigan refused to buy his excuse that he loved the girl.

“Your delusional excuse — that there were emotions and love involved — is troubling,” the judge said. “That’s extremely delusional.”

What’s also delusional is that the Columbia Road Baptist Church actually thinks the teenage girl their employee raped somehow owes Mitchell’s wife an apology.

During testimony, the girl’s mother revealed that the church basically blamed her daughter for the whole situation and told them not to come back to the church until an apology has been made. Rather than comply with the ridiculous demand, the family just stopped attending church altogether.

Rather than rally around the victim in her time of need, the church instead chose to rally around the rapist. You know, because Jesus.

Frankly, the church should be slapped with a lawsuit for not reporting Mitchell’s harassment of the teen in the first place. Church leaders knew Mitchell was obsessively texting this girl and they basically did nothing which only emboldened him to go further.

Mitchell should not be the only one held responsible for how this girl was treated. Church leaders should be punished as well. And any congregant who actually believes the church was right to demand an apology from the victim is no true Christian. They are as fraudulent as the church they attend.

Featured Image: Columbia Road Baptist Church Facebook Page