Sean Spicer Claims Hitler Never Gassed People In Outrageous Defense Of Syrian Bombing (VIDEO)

Sean Spicer’s time as press secretary has been a particularly humiliating one. Each time he goes up to the podium, he lies or fumbles. And today, he reached a particularly pathetic low point when he seemingly erased the holocaust from history with a single outrageous claim. The timing was especially bad as Trump’s administration dodges accusations of anti-Semitism and the Jewish community celebrates the holiday of the Passover seder.

According to Spicer’s version of events, Hitler never gassed people.

Spicer comment came while he hamfistedly attempted to justify bombing Syria because of the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons. In an effort to prove his point, Spicer claimed Hitler – perpetrator of the worst mass murder in history – never used chemical weapons because he found them so immoral. Undoubtedly Spicer was referring to the fact that Hitler was said to have opposed chemical weapons on the battlefield because of his experience being gassed in World War I. However, Hitler and the Nazi party had absolutely no qualms with gassing their victims in the concentration camps, which they did on an industrial scale. (In fact, the idea that Hitler was gassed in WWI is actually suspected by historians to be a lie invented by Hitler himself to cover for his long history of mental illness. Passing along this myth is perpetuating an artful piece of propaganda invented by Hitler. Nice going, Spicey.)

To suggest that Hitler wouldn’t “sink to using chemical weapons” is an outrageous way of dehumanizing those who died in the holocaust. For him to say this while standing at the podium at the White House is sickening. More hypocritically, Trump himself praised the use of chemical weapons by Saddam Hussein as recently as last summer, suggesting they allowed him to keep his enemies in line. His bombing of Syria came as a shock precisely because he has shown absolutely zero interest in preventing chemical warfare up until this point. Disturbingly, the United States has a sordid history with chemical weapons stockpiles dating back to the first World War. It was not until the 1990s that the U.S. firmly committed to getting rid of them.

Asked for clarification, Spicer then tried to make a distinction between Jews and Germans. Gassing the Jewish people in concentration camps is different than gassing “your own people.” Another defense that neo-Nazis continue to use to this day. The hole Spicer is digging keeps getting deeper.

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