The Merriam-Webster Dictionary Just SAVAGED Trump For His F*cking Terrible Spelling (TWEETS)

On Monday, in a tweet intended to intimidate a witness, Donald Trump demanded that the Senate ask Sally Yates — the former acting Attorney General whom he fired for refusing to support an unconstitutional executive order –“if she knows how classified information got into the newspapers soon after she explained it” to White House “Council.”

After seemingly half the internet showed up to tell him what an embarrassmnet he is to both himself and our country, Trump removed the tweet and replaced it with one that was almost as stupid, but was lacking the glaring error that told the world our alleged leader is so stupid that a literal piece of shit would do a better job running the show.

One of the many, many people who mocked Trump was his greatest nemesis outside of facts and good hair stylists: the Merriam-Webster Twitter person.

This isn’t the first time Merriam-Webster has razzed President Asterisk for his atrocious spelling. When Trump talked about the  “unpresidented” act of China seizing an unmanned U.S. Navy vessel, the Dictionary responded perfectly:

Merriam-Webster’s phone number is (413) 734-3134. We strongly encourage you to call and demand that their social media person be given an immediate 10% raise and three extra paid vacation days per year. He or she (or even they) deserves it.

Featured image via Getty Images (Pool)/screengrab