Alt-Right ‘Enemies’ List LEAKED: Fascists Use Petition To Steal Data And Harass Activists

Last night Buzzfeed reported that a massive document full of the names and addresses of people who signed an anti-fascist petition was being actively circulated by members of the alt-right (read: white supremacists) for the purposes of stalking and harassment.

Members of 4chan’s notoriously disgusting /pol/ board were caught passing the information back and forth in a private chat server which has been infiltrated by reporters. The document contains information taken from the website who circulated the petition among its members after white supremacist Richard Spencer was knocked out during a television interview.

Alt-Right Has a History of Harassment

The alt-right at large has a long history of attacking people who disagree with their white nationalist ideology. They’ve been implicated in harassment campaigns, where the alt-righters flood an activist’s workplace with calls and complaints in an attempt to get them fired.

Emails between alt-righters discussing the targets of their harassment.

Another common tactic is SWATting, where a false report is made to 9/11 in order to force a police SWAT team to raid an activist’s home.

The alt-right’s harassment campaigns are an open secret on the forums where they gather, but so far the people in charge have done little to stop them. Responds, the website from which the data was obtained, has released a statement on the situation.

It reads in part, “We will respond to this attack by exposing to the world the nature and danger posed by these fascist cowards, by defeating their attempts to destroy people’s lives, and by bringing forward even more people to stand up against the fascist regime to say: NO! We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America.”

Because the information was publicly available on their website, no criminal charges have been filed. But this should serve as a warning to activists who sign and circulate open petitions. If you’re vocal about your politics online, be careful who you give your information to.

Photo by Drew Angerer via Getty Images, screen capture by Ryan Broderick via Buzzfeed News.