Report: Russia Probe Gets EVEN HOTTER As Investigators Go After Trump’s Own Attorney

Michael Cohen is a man who knows Donald Trump well. He has been Trump’s personal lawyer for many years, and he spent the better part of two years during the 2016 presidential campaign lying for Trump on television like all of other surrogates for the orange man. Now, however, Cohen may come to regret this allegiance, as it seems that the Russia probe is now closing in around the loyal lawyer.

The Intelligence Committees in the House of Representatives and the Senate recently asked Cohen if he would “provide information and testimony” regarding his links and dealings with Russia. Cohen, like everyone else in Trump’s orbit, decided to refuse to cooperate fully with the investigation, insisting that there’s nothing to see there, and that the people investigating them are reaching too far into things.

But, he forgets that these committees have subpoena power, and the Senate Intelligence Committee voted on whether or not to give Chairman Richard Burr (R-NC) and Ranking Member Mark Warner (D-VA) the ability to subpoena the things they want from Cohen. The result was unanimous, and since Cohen will not give the Congress what they want, Senators Burr and Warner will simply subpoena the information. Further, it is being reported that the House Intelligence Committee wasted no time, and they have already sent out a subpoena to Cohen. If Cohen goes the Michael Flynn route and ignores the subpoenas, he can be held in contempt of Congress.

It seems that everyone around Trump has had some kind of seemingly shady and/or inappropriate dealings with Russia. Couple that with the fact that Trump himself is praising and cozying up to Vladimir Putin and other brutal dictators around the world, all while slamming our allies at the NATO and G7 Summits, and all of this is very dangerous indeed.

Hopefully, Congress, the FBI, and whomever else is involved in investigating this corrupt administration of incompetent authoritarians and Russian stooges gets to the bottom of all of this soon, so that we can apologize to our allies and go back to being a sane nation after all of these people are removed from office and thrown in jail.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.