CNN’s Reza Aslan Just Tore Into Trump’s Bigotry Big League; It’s GLORIOUS (TWEETS)

CNN’s Reza Aslan is a world renowned author and religious scholar. Therefore, he really is way above Donald Trump on the scale of intellect. That makes what he had to say about the orange fool currently occupying the White House even more awesome.

On Saturday night, after the news of the terror attacks in London broke, Trump, of course, used it as a reason to call for the courts to let him implement his Muslim ban. Aslan, who is of Middle Eastern descent and practices the Islamic faith, of course had to weigh in. He did it via Trump’s favorite platform, Twitter, and it was nothing short of beautiful.

Aslan also went on to mock Trump when the official NBC Nightly News account refused to replay Trump’s tweets on the London attacks:

Aslan is correct, of course. Donald Trump is an embarrassment. Not just to us. But to the entire species. We cannot pretend that his behavior is normal. We cannot pretend that banning people based upon religion and nationality is normal. We cannot pretend that having THREE white supremacists – Stephen K. Bannon, Stephen Miller, and Sebastian Gorka – working in the White House is normal.

No, NONE of this is normal, and none of it is okay. The very fundamentals of this entire administration are completely un-American, and every time this bigoted, incompetent, man-baby “president” does something outrageous, we need to call it out.

After all, the best weapon this White House has is the normalization of Donald Trump as president. If we do not allow that to happen, then we just might make it through this with out democracy in tact.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images.