‘F**ck Them All’: Alec Baldwin Breaks Ranks, Goes To Bat For Kathy Griffin

This week, comedian Kathy Griffin’s world got turned upside down over a photo in which she held up a bloody beheaded likeness of Donald Trump. Since then, Griffin has lost her longtime gig hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve Special with her friend Anderson Cooper, been uninvited from an event with Senator Al Franken, and lost jobs in at least five venues. All over one miscalculation.

She has faced criticism from both the left and the right, and people who have long considered themselves her friends and allies are distancing themselves from her so as not to get the stench of the public’s rage all over them – likely at the urging of publicists who are wringing their hands behind the scenes. However, there is one person who is standing by Kathy Griffin: fellow actor and comedian Alec Baldwin. On Saturday, Baldwin went on an absolutely epic tweetstorm defending Griffin:

Now, I am in no way condoning the depiction of a sitting president in such a way – even one who I loathe as much as Trump. Hell, I don’t feel like Trump is any sort of president at all, and say so openly on a regular basis. The thing is, though, there’s a double standard here. President Obama was regularly depicted with nooses and all sorts of vile, violent images during his eight years in office. Some of the people who participated in that are famous, too, such as Ted Nugent. To that end, why the backlash and career-ending furor for Kathy Griffin, but not for for Ted Nugent?

And he is just one example. There have even been elected GOP representatives to participate in violent rhetoric regarding President Obama and former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Considering the job that they have, shouldn’t they be held to a higher standard?

In short, was what Griffin did way over the line? You bet. But should it end her career – especially when so many others have gotten away with way worse? Absolutely not. Alec Baldwin is right. Kathy Griffin made a mistake, she apologized for it, it’s time to move on, folks.

As for the cowardly employers and friends turning their backs on her – Baldwin is right. Fuck ’em all. It’s in one’s time of need when one knows who her real friends are.

Featured image via D Dipasupil/Getty Images