Trump Awakes With Unhinged Rant Over What To Call His Failing Muslim Ban (TWEETS)

As of this writing, it is not even 7:00 AM on the East Coast and Donald Trump is already awake and tweeting. What’s got him so agitated at such an early hour this time? Why, his Muslim ban of course, which he disgracefully promoted after the London terror attacks – or rather, as he is now calling it, a “travel ban.”

Inexplicably, Trump is upset with regards to how this ill-fated executive order has been referred to in the papers and the courts, and he just had to assert that it is HE who will decide what to call it, and no one else. Trump tweeted:

Then, he went on to rant that the Department of Justice was wrong to defy his original Muslim ban but instead went for the “watered down, politically correct version” – also commonly known as Muslim ban 2.0.

Of course, we all remember that the first Muslim ban explicitly placed a religious test on people coming from the countries on Trump’s list of banned nations – which, of course, is unconstitutional. Further, it simply takes Trump back to his campaign promise of a Muslim ban. Those of us who have spent so much as two seconds listening to this buffoon already knew this was what it was anyway.

Then, of course, Trump continued to tweet, this time attacking the courts as he always does over rulings that he doesn’t like:

Yes, the court system can be slow, you big baby, but that’s because they’d rather get their rulings right than push them through to satisfy impatient morons like you. Further, if you had any sense, you’d know that these tweets are now a matter of public record, and they will be used against you in a court of law.

This unconstitutional and bigoted ban will be struck down in the Supreme Court, just as it has been in all of the lower courts. You might not have had checks and balances atop your golden tower, but you certainly do while you sit in the Oval Office.

Welcome to governing, you big orange idiot. You can’t just do what you want anymore. Should have thought of that before you took the job. As for the rest of us? We’ll just keep watching you make a fool of yourself on Twitter.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images