Ivanka Trump’s ‘Us Weekly’ Cover Went South At Record Speed; It Deserved It

During the election, and shortly after Donald Trump’s inauguration, liberals were pinning their hopes on one person, Trump’s daughter Ivanka. She believes in climate change, she’s not an overt bigot, she seems nice, sort of. It quickly became apparent, though, that Ivanka was no more of an influence on her father than any other woman.

Still, an Us Weekly profile of the First Daughter is still trying to spread the myth that Ivanka is somehow a normalizing influence on her unstable and cruel father. The headline was “Ivanka Takes a Stand: Why I Disagree with my Dad.”

The article acknowledges that Ivanka lost the battle when her father pulled out of the Paris Climate agreement. In fact, it doesn’t note a single victory that she can personally claim when it comes to standing up to her father (it does note that her husband Jared Kushner may be behind Trump’s decision to stay in the North American Free Trade Agreement). Still, Us Weekly says:

But Ivanka is the best woman for the job. As Donald’s beloved daughter, “she’s the person he listens to more than anyone,” says an Ivanka friend. And the skilled negotiator knows just how to work him — stating her case calmly and directly. “Where I disagree with my father, he knows it,” she told Gayle King in an April 5 interview. “And I express myself with total candor.”

Readers quickly took to Twitter to rewrite the headline to reflect the way things actually seem between Ivanka and her father.


Then there’s this truth bomb about Us Weekly:

And then there were the memes:

The obvious truth is that Ivanka may sometimes disagree with her dad, but that doesn’t mean she has any influence whatsoever. He barely listens to his male advisors. Ivanka is only around for comfort and for eye candy.

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images