Maxine Waters Just Threw An EPIC Twitter Bomb At Trump

Rep. Maxine Waters is taking a page right out of Donald Trump’s playbook and turning it into a piece of political art. Since Trump took office, Waters has been among Trump’s biggest critics. Most, though, have tempered their rhetoric about the Putin Puppet in Chief, but not Waters. Like Trump, she refuses to be politically correct. Only unlike Trump, she’s really good at it.

On Wednesday, Waters took to Twitter after it was revealed that former FBI Director James Comey didn’t want to be alone with Donald Trump. Waters understood. She tweeted:

So Comey told Jeff Sessions he didn’t want to be alone with Trump. Women across the country can relate.

Twitter went nuts:

It doesn’t even seem as though Trump’s own wife wants to be alone with him.

As for Waters, well, if this country was a tad less racist and misogynist, she’d be our next president and she’d do a damned fine job.

Featured image via Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images