Obama And Justin Trudeau Had Dinner Tuesday; For A Moment, The World Felt Sane Again

As the nation is embroiled in one scandal after another with Donald Trump, as the world now has first-hand knowledge of the buffoon who was chosen by the Electoral College, there was a tiny sliver of a break. On Tuesday night, Barack Obama and Justin Trudeau had a candlelit dinner in Montreal and all was right with the world, even if it was very short-lived.

The couple — of world leaders, that is — discussed how to get the next generation involved in their communities, between heartfelt confessions of how much they missed each other (probably).

The most talked-about international date night of the modern diplomatic era had every romantic element the Trudeau-Obama fandom could ever dream of: an intimate restaurant booth, an abundance of gazes into each other’s eyes, presumably some Secret Service right outside the door.

Source: CNN

Social media went completely nuts:

The night ended in a hug, because these are two men who are not afraid to show their platonic love:

Featured image via Obama Foundation