Trump’s Lawyer’s Response Was Riddled With Errors; He Even Misspelled ‘President’

Donald Trump hired himself a personal lawyer to represent him in the Russia investigation. Marc Kasowitz, though, isn’t a criminal attorney or a constitutional attorney. He’s a corporate and real estate attorney, and if his response to former FBI head James Comey’s testimony on Thursday is any indication, he’s not good with details. The response is riddled with errors – he (or his staff) even misspelled the word “President.”

While the statement is a pretty standard attempt to paint a rosy picture on Comey’s testimony (it was released before the testimony), but it’s difficult to take seriously.

The letter begins, “I am Marc Kasowitz, Predisent Trump’s personal lawyer.” Clearly Kasowitz isn’t familiar with spellcheck, because mine really fought that misspelling.

The letter also misspells the name of National Intelligence Director Dan Coats. It was spelled “Coates.” Some sentences had extra periods.

Here’s the full letter:

Twitter had a field day with the errors:

Or maybe he did use spellcheck.

Even 538’s Nate Silver mocked him:

In the big picture, do a few typos matter? Not really, but this is emblematic of an administration that’s careless and sloppy. This is anything but presidential, but maybe it’s Predisential.

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