Trump Celebrates Pride Month By Being Saying We’re ‘Under Siege’ From Gay People

It’s becoming increasingly apparent, over these last months, that Donald Trump’s one priority is to be a d*ck and he’s proving it on this LGBTQ Pride month by addressing a group of people who hate gay people.

On the day former FBI Director James Comey testified in front of the Senate, Trump spoke to the annual meeting of the right-wing evangelical Faith and Freedom Conference, where he told the group that they were “under siege,” from people wanting to buy cakes, apparently.

“We will always support our evangelical community and defend your right and the right of all Americans to follow and to live by the teachings of their faith,” the president told more than 1,000 activists meeting at a hotel across town from Capitol Hill, the scene of Comey’s nationally televised testimony.

“And as you know, we’re under siege, you understand that. But we will come out bigger and better and stronger than ever. You watch,” Trump said. “You fought hard for me and now I’m fighting hard for all of you.”

Trump, who two years ago couldn’t name his favorite bible verse, is now pretending to be a friend to the evangelical community, and they are lapping it right up, mostly because he’s learned to pander to them. His Supreme Court Justice, Neil Gorsuch, was a gift to anti-gay, anti-choice bigots. Trump also wants to let churches get political, without losing their tax-exempt status.

The conference, called the Road to Majority, is a hodgepodge of white maleness with a handful of white women thrown in just to spice things up. Speakers include Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Vice President Mike Pence, Iowa Senator Joni Earnst, and both the Reps from Tennessee, Marsha Blackburn and Diane Black. Pat Boone will also be there for one of his infamous anti-gay rants.

There was a time during the election, when some of us felt that LGBTQ people might get away unscathed from a Trump presidency. At least until he chose Mike Pence as his VP. Trump’s transformation, though, is complete. He might not be religious, but he will gladly accept all the worst traits of religious people, as long as they’re still willing to fawn all over him.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images