Even The Secret Service Is Saying Trump Is Full Of Sh*t; There Are No Tapes

Donald Trump is acting like a caged animal. Since around the time he fired FBI Director James Comey, he’s been on the defensive. Three days after the firing, Trump, concerned that Comey would leak to the media, tweeted that he hoped there were no “tapes” of the conversations between the two.

Comey responded in front of the Senate by saying, “Oh Lordy, I hope there are tapes.” Well, Comey might be disappointed to learn that, at least according to the Secret Service, there aren’t. Trump was bluffing. No surprise there.

The Wall Street Journal issued a freedom of information request to the Secret Service, who said this:

“In response to your request, the Secret Service has conducted a reasonable search for responsive records,” the agency wrote. “It appears, from a review of Secret Service’s main indices, that there are no records pertaining to your request that are referenced in these indices.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean there are no tapes, but it makes it far less likely. The Secret Service is generally the department that handles Oval Office tapes. They did it for Richard Nixon and for John F. Kennedy. Trump, though, has his own personal bodyguard in the Oval Office, as well as government Secret Service.

Still, it’s very unlikely there is a tape. While Trump has been teasing it like it’s a reality show, his staff has been evading the question.

At a press conference Friday, Trump said he would reveal whether he had taped his conversations with Comey “in the very near future” and “over a fairly short period of time.” Bloomberg’s Toluse Olorunnipa recently noted that Trump has often made and missed deadlines as a way of delaying or avoiding answering tough questions.

“Why leave open this question of whether there are tapes?” Reuters’ Ayesha Rascoe asked Spicer at his press briefing Monday. “Don’t the American people — Do they deserve to know whether Comey was lying to the Senate? Why leave this question open?”

“I think the President made it clear what his intention is on Friday,” Spicer said.

Source: Talking Points Memo

This wouldn’t even be a question if Trump hadn’t proven himself to be a serial liar. Americans overwhelmingly trust Comey, a fired civil servant, over Trump.

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