Trump RUNS SCARED From Russia Investigation, Hires ANOTHER High Profile Lawyer

Donald Trump’s Russia problem just won’t go away. In fact, the investigation is steadily expanding, and with the revelation that Trump himself is now personally under criminal investigation, Trump’s number two man, Mike Pence, has hired his own lawyer. There are also reports that one of Trump’s own lawyers, Michael Cohen, has lawyered up as well. Of course, there was also the revelation that Trump’s own son-in-law and top adviser, Jared Kushner, is also under federal investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for potential financial crimes. Now, it seems that Trump is more nervous than ever, and seems to believe that his own long-time civil litigation lawyer, Marc Kasowitcz, is no longer enough. Trump has now retained John Dowd, a high-profile attorney who has represented the likes of Senator John McCain (R-AZ).

This addition is a major development. Dowd is experienced with keeping corrupt politicians out of jail. He is 76 years old and the ultimate Washington insider. This means that Trump’s legal troubles are mounting, and the White House knows it. Dowd joins an already beefy team. In addition to Dowd and Kasowitz, Trump has also retained Mark Bowe and Jay Sekulow.

Now, this is a risky move for someone as distinguished as John Dowd. Trump’s intemperate Twitter rants and revealing public statements would make him an almost impossible to manage client. His own incriminating statements, along with his penchant for refusing to pay his bills have already made many high-powered Washington law firms to turn down the opportunity to represent the man baby “president.” Granted, the guy is getting up in age and already has a long career behind him. Perhaps he is not afraid of taking what is sure to be a losing case due to Trump’s own foolish words and actions.

Either way, this Russia investigation is no longer just smoke. There’s fire there as well, and the people around Trump and in the White House know it. It would be a prudent decision for every single person working in the West Wing to lawyer up STAT, unless they want to spend the rest of their miserable lives in federal prison – which is likely where many – if not all – of them belong.

Featured image via Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images