WATCH: Joy Reid OWNS Trump In Less Than 30 Seconds For Claiming To Be More Popular Than Obama

Joy Reid rained on Donald Trump’s parade on Sunday morning, and it was glorious.

Earlier in the morning, Trump declared on Twitter that his poll numbers are better than President Obama’s and posted about how Rasmussen, a conservative leaning polling firm, has his approval rating at 50 percent.

Well, AM Joy host Joy Reid quickly destroyed Trump with a smile and some snark.

“Trump also tweeted about his poll numbers this morning, citing a new poll that puts his approval rating at 50 percent and saying that’s higher than O’s numbers,” Reid said before pointing out that Trump is obsessed with Obama. “Obsessed with President Obama much?” she continued.

Reid then noted that other polls have Trump’s approval rating much lower than Rasmussen. In fact, his rating is the lowest in history. The only poll showing Trump at 50 percent was Rasmussen, which Reid trashed.

“See if you can spot the outlier,” she asked the audience.

Here’s the video via VidMe.

Donald had better see someone quickly about that burn.

But it’s even worse for him because his claim is not even close to being accurate. As it turns out, President Obama’s approval rating on June 18, 2009 was 55 percent. And the polling firm that reported that finding happens to be Rasmussen, the same polling firm Trump is bragging about now. And last time I checked, 55 is still bigger than 50. That means Trump’s claim that he has a higher number than Obama is totally false.

Reid is right about Trump being obsessed with President Obama. Trump has tried to destroy Obama’s legacy at every turn and he is constantly claiming to be a better president even though he has been a complete disaster for this country. Trump legislative record is laughable since the only bills he signs are minor ones that designate buildings and other little things that don’t really matter. He has not signed a single piece of major legislation yet, and he is been in office over 100 days already.

Mostly, he has been signing executive orders, which Trump and conservatives repeated whined about Obama doing. Trump is on pace to sign more executive orders than Obama ever did. Furthermore, Trump is also on pace to take more vacation days and play more rounds of golf in a single year than Obama ever did.

Trump is an embarrassment to this nation and his poll numbers are only going to get worse once his supporters begin to truly realize that they have been duped.

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