Donald Trump Humiliates Himself With Panama Leader; Panama And Twitter Humiliate Trump (VIDEO)

As is the norm for Donald Trump, it’s clear he did absolutely no preparation for his Oval Office meeting with Panama President Juan Carlos Varela. During the photo-op, in an apparent struggle to find some sort of common ground, Trump seemed to take credit for building the Panama Canal – a canal that was built about 100 years ago and was arranged to be given back to the Panamanians during the Carter administration. Twitter and even Varela couldn’t let that slide.

That part of the exchange was rather short. Trump, in his usual boasting fashion, said:

“It’s our great honor to have President and Mrs. Varela from Panama. We have many things to discuss. We’re going to spend quite a bit of time today. The Panama Canal is doing quite well, I think we did a good job building it.”

Varela responded with just four words: “One hundred years ago.”

Trump didn’t appear to hear it:

“We did a very good job. But things are going well in Panama. The relationship has been very strong. We are developing new things to do and only getting stronger. And our — also friendship with the President is very, very good.”

Here’s the video:

The canal was finished more than 100 years ago, in 1914. The 71-year-old Trump had to have studied that in elementary school, right? Twitter thinks so:

Some pointed out that the canal really isn’t doing that well:

Trump’s latest gaffe may be factually true. The United States did build the Panama Canal, but it clearly demonstrates BLOTUS’s intellectual laziness (or stupidity). For contrast, here’s what President Obama said to Varela when they met two years ago:

Well, I just want to thank President Varela and the entire team, and the people of Panama, for the incredible hospitality. I had a chance earlier to visit the Panama Canal for the first time and saw the extraordinary progress that’s being made in the new development that will be completed next year. It’s really a symbol of human ingenuity, but also Panama’s central role in bridging the two continents and bringing the hemisphere together.

And I congratulated the President not only on what I’m certain will be a successful summit, but also the extraordinary progress that Panama has made economically, the transparency and accountability that his government has shown. Panama is a proud democracy, and its ability to engage in elections and peaceful transfers of power I think is a symbol of the progress that’s been made throughout the hemisphere over the last several decades.

And as President Varela noted, we are great partners on a whole range of issues — security, the economy, education — and we had an excellent discussion about how we can further deepen those ties.

Source: White House Archives

In other words, Obama did his homework and actually learned a little something about a country before meeting with its leader. Trump, on the other hand, thought “Panama” and pulled the one word he could think of out of his ass. That word was “canal” and for Trump, it’s pretty evident that that’s all Panama is.

Featured image via Pool/Getty Images