Dem Rep. Calls Out GOP, Urges More Of Them To Rebuke Sexist Trump (TWEETS)

We all know that Donald Trump is a misogynistic sexual predator. That’s the kind of public life he has led, and it is the kind of so-called “presidential” campaign he ran. However, now that he is sitting in the Oval Office and representing America as our Head of State, his words matter. Therefore, his disgusting, sexist attacks on Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski are all the more gravely disturbing. Thankfully, people are calling him out. However, that isn’t enough. The entire GOP needs to rebuke Trump for what he is doing on Twitter, and one Democratic Congresswoman is pointing that out, Rep. Barbara Lee of California.

Taking to Trump’s favorite medium of communication, Twitter, Rep. Lee called on her GOP colleagues to stop excusing Trump’s behavior and standing by him, for his words are having a terribly negative impact on the impressionable children of America. Rep. Lee tweeted:

She went on to remind everyone that this isn’t about Trump anymore. It is also about the Republican Party’s crazy tolerance and even acceptance of open and overt misogyny.

Then again, the GOP has long been an anti-woman party. It is there in their policies, in their refusal to vote for the protection of domestic violence victims or in favor of equal pay for women, and their constant and unending stream of assaults on women’s reproductive healthcare. In a way, that makes Trump the perfect standard-bearer for their party.

Besides all of that, the party is largely made up of old, craven, white men, who couldn’t care less about the well-being of women. The radio silence from the GOP side is in no way surprising, considering all of this.

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images