Friday’s New York Daily News Cover Perfectly Illustrates What The Trump ‘Presidency’ Has Done To America

Ever since Donald Trump took his ride down the escalator with his wife Melania, we’ve all known he was not fit to be president. The nation watched in helpless horror as he coarsened our political discourse, encouraged violence at his rallies, attacked a Gold Star family, kicked off the whole campaign with anti-immigrant, white nationalist rhetoric that painted all Mexican immigrants as rapists and criminals, and much more. Then, with childish pet names and taunts, he decimated the traditional GOP candidates one by one and clinched the Republican nomination.

As Trump carried the mantle of the GOP, the party brass desperately hoped that he would no longer be the crude, crass, racist, misogynist, xenophobic, disgusting man they had seen in the primary campaign. They hoped that he we would pivot, to no avail. Then, in a shocking political upset, Trump actually won the presidency via America’s draconian Electoral College system, which was actually created to appease southern slave owners, and should have been dismantled long ago. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million, yet she did not get to take the White House. The nation has suffered both at home and on the world stage for this.

In Trump’s latest outrage, just shy of six months into his presidency, Trump has again sunk to another low, and launched an incredibly misogynistic, disgusting attack on his one-time friend, Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski. Trump, a lifelong New Yorker, has finally gotten his wish, but likely not in the way he imagined. One of his city’s biggest papers, the New York Daily News, devoted a cover to him, to display what his so-called “presidency” has actually done to America and its citizens: He has humiliated us. In a dramatic cover, the Daily News tweeted Trump’s effect, with a photo that said it all, an American Bald Eagle with its head bowed, with just the world “HUMILIATION” and a sub-header declaring that Trump has “set a new low.” Here is their profound tweet:

The New York Daily News is correct. No matter what Trump’s ignorant, mouth-breathing base thinks, his very candidacy damaged America’s standing on the world stage, and his so-called “presidency” has destroyed it. The damage Trump has done and continues to do will take a generation to repair. The fact that this man got anywhere near the presidency – and that’s saying nothing of actually being elected – concerns and alarms our allies regarding the judgment of the citizens of this nation, and rightly so. They have every reason to worry.

That bowed bald eagle says it all. Shame on us, America, for doing this to our great nation.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images