Seth Meyers’ Reaction To Trump’s ‘Morning Joe’ Misogyny Is Something The Whole World Should See (VIDEO)

There have been many reactions to Donald Trump’s Thursday morning Twitter meltdown that led to unbelievably misogynistic and disgusting attacks on one of the show’s co-hosts, Mika Brzezinski. People from across the political spectrum have expressed outrage, frustration, and disgust, but perhaps the best reaction came from Seth Meyers, host NBC’s Late Night.

The first reaction came in a beginning monologue, in which Meyers recounted Trump’s tweets for those who somehow missed them, and resulted in a new segment called, “I Can’t.” That was literally Meyers’ speechless reaction: He just couldn’t deal with the bullshit coming from the so-called “president’s” Twitter account. Watch that reaction below:

Later in the segment, Meyers found his voice, and took on Trump’s tweets head-on, and actually responded, doing what we’re all doing, which is questioning Trump’s mental health. During his nightly in-depth segment, A Closer Look, Meyers first talked about Trump’s ignorance of his own GOP healthcare bill, and then turned back to the disgusting tweets. He referenced Trump’s insistence that he told the Morning Joe hosts he was attacked “No!” when they supposedly wanted to go to his party on New Year’s Eve, saying:

“Said no to what? Your fucking meds?!”

Watch the entire monologue below:

That’s the thing. Trump is mentally ill, and his currently our so-called “president,” and thinks he’s leader of the Free World (though I think we all know that it’s a toss up for that title now between Germany’s Angela Merkel, Canada’s Justin Trudeau, and France’s Emmanuel Macron).

It’s time for the Republican Party and Americans at large to realize what many of us have been saying since Trump first announced he is running for president: That he is unfit for the office he holds, no matter how much his mouth-breathing, ignorant base and his White House mouthpieces defend him. He is a disgusting, bigoted misogynist who does the nation harm on an hourly basis.

Cut the cord, GOP. For once in your miserable, craven lives, put your country before your party, and do something about this man and his nation-destroying, sorry excuse for an “administration.”