David Letterman Is Sick And Tired Of Trump’s Constant Whining, Has PERFECT Solution To Stop It

This needs to happen.

David Letterman is no stranger to dealing with Donald Trump. The comedy legend humiliated Trump repeatedly as host of The Late Show. And since retiring, Letterman hasn’t shied away from commenting on Trump’s dumpster fire presidency when he is asked about it.

During an interview with the Associated Press on Monday, Letterman made it clear that he is sick of Trump’s constant whining and offered a brilliant solution.

“We know there’s something wrong, but what I’m tired of is people, daily, nightly, on all the cable news shows telling us there’s something wrong,” Letterman said before calling for action.

“I just think we ought to direct our resources and our energies to doing something about it,” Letterman continued. “And other people have made this point: If the guy was running Dairy Queen, he’d be gone. This guy couldn’t work at the Gap. So why do we have to be victimized by his fecklessness, his ignorance?”

Indeed, Trump would have been fired long before now and definitely would not have even been hired after many of the things he has said in public. Ordinary American workers would no longer have a job if they repeated some of things Trump has said.

Letterman also had a message for Trump’s supporters. Letterman said he feels bad for them because they got duped into thinking Trump would be best for America. Letterman said that he wishes Trump would be the one who fixes the problems our country faces. But Trump is not the right person to get the job done. In fact, Trump should be ousted from office and placed “in a home” where he can get the medication he needs whenever he feels the need to rant uncontrollably.

“But it’s just the behavior is insulting to Americans, whether you voted for him or not – and I feel bad for people who did vote for him because he promised them things that they really needed and one wonders if he’s really going to come through. I know there’s trouble in this country and we need a guy who can fix that trouble. I wish it was Trump, but it’s not, so let’s just stop whining about what a goon he is and figure out a way to take him aside and put him in a home.”

David Letterman’s solution is a great idea but the only place Donald Trump should really be right now is prison. Either that or a mental health facility.

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