WATCH: Anderson Cooper Throws MAJOR Shade At White House Aide Over ‘Fake News’

An interview with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and Sebastian Gorka Wednesday night went off the rails when the White House deputy assistant started lecturing the host on “fake news.” It’s remarkable really because Gorka is “fake.” Even his PhD is fake and yet, he used to insist that everyone call him “Doctor.” Still yet, the fake doctor couldn’t help himself and launched into a rant against “fake news.”

“It’s laughable. Your chryon talked about a ‘crisis,’ Gorka told Cooper in response to a suggestion that the White House was in turmoil. “I actually work in the West Wing, I work in the White House, it is absolutely nothing of the kind. The president is a steam locomotive that can’t be stopped. It’s just fake news.”

“I’m sad to see CNN fall to this,” Gorka said. “I know you want salacious and sensational coverage for your ratings so your corporate sponsors and owners will have more money, but that’s not media, that’s not reportage. It’s just fake news.”

“Okay, I’m just going to ignore the insults because I don’t think it really gets us anywhere,” Cooper shot back.

Cooper pressed Gorka over a tweet which Trump posted on Twitter saying the media often makes up its sources, despite the fact that Trump Jr. released the email chain which confirms The New York Times’ reporting.

“I’m giving you an opportunity right now to correct what the president said this morning. Because what he’s alleging is that the reporting is fake and in fact, his son’s own email chain shows that it’s accurate. Do you deny that?” Cooper asked.

“No, I deny the fact that there is anything here that is untoward. Again this is an obsessive nine-month campaign,” Gorka said.

An exhausted Gorka eventually said, “I thought we were going to talk about real issues, like what we’re doing with our allies in France, defeating ISIS.”

“I am going to ask you but you’re not being honest, you’re not being upfront,” Cooper responded.

“How many minutes are we in?” Gorka said.

“Are you a TV producer now?” Cooper fired back. “You’re concerned about how many minutes we’ve been talking? Do you have somewhere else to go? If you gotta go, you gotta go.”

“You’re falling into the fake news trap again,” said Gorka. “And it’s sad, Anderson.”

“You’re shaking shiny objects to try to divert people, but I don’t think viewers are really that easily diverted,” Cooper said.

“Do you know why the president’s description of a witch hunt is accurate,” Gorka asked. “Because there never were witches. And there never was any collusion. It’s bogus … Anderson, you’re like a broken record.”

“No, because I’m not getting any answers from you,” replied Cooper.

“I’m answering it. Every time,” said Gorka.

“No, you’re responding,” said Cooper. “You’re not actually answering because you’re not actually being up front.”

“Let’s let the viewers judge,” Gorka said, who then mocked CNN’s ratings.

“You used that line on Monday, and you know, it was sort of mildly amusing,” Cooper said. “But I think it’s funny that you have enough time in the White House, which is apparently you’re so busy, you’re able to sit around [and] read Nielsen numbers.”

“No, I had really good prep from my team, because the White House press team is superb,” Gorka said. “I don’t deal with this stuff because I do have a day job.”

Watch a clip from the interview:

Cooper brought up that CNN apologized for an inaccurate story but Trump has never corrected his errors. Later in his show, Cooper described Gorka as “the Hungarian Don Rickles.”

While the Trump administration would love for everyone to think that everything is fine, the White House is in crisis.

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